The bees and the Pollinator Partnership Canada team greatly appreciate your efforts to foster students through this exciting discovery process. In order to continue exposing students to pollinator-related topics in a hands-on manner, you will need to supplement your existing Bee Smart™ School Garden Kit curriculum with refill materials. Although the curriculum is copyrighted, do not hesitate to share it with other educators at your institution. Please have them order a refill kit to supplement the curriculum. The refill contents include:

  • 3 glitter jars
  • 100 pipe-cleaners
  • 1 Bee Tube Nest
  • 30 small paper cups
  • 1 educator’s dissection seed
  • 30 peat pods
  • 30 cucumber seeds
  • 30 wooden plant makers
  • 15 milkweed seeds specific to your ecoregion
  • 30 prairie coneflower seeds
  • 30 purple coneflower seeds
  • 3 cotton swabs
  • Access to the Bee Smart™ School Garden Kit online component

Order a refill for $65 CAD below:

School Garden Kit Refill