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Bee Friendly Gardening helps people play a bigger role in the health of pollinators and the planet. Over 85% of North American households have an outdoor living space; by converting some to much-needed habitat, together we can have a big impact. Your space can provide support to pollinators and other wildlife - no lawn, garden, balcony or window box is too small! When you join BFG you will receive access to a suite of Member benefits as well as a supportive, inspirational community of fellow Bee Friendly Gardeners. We hope you will join us today!

Do you want to create a real difference for pollinators in your yard or neighborhood? Bee Friendly Gardening (BFG) membership is open to all– whether you already have a buzzing bee garden or you are interested in learning more about how to create a bee garden and connecting with our BFG community. Once you are a BFG member, you’ll receive a membership certificate, a monthly newsletter, have the option to join our facebook group, receive special offers, and be eligible to register your garden and receive a garden sign. Our program is in its early days, but we already have over 400 registered gardens– help us reach our goal of 1000 Members and 500 registered BFGs by the end of 2024!

BFG is a network of over 600 members who are dedicated to creating habitat for pollinators wherever they might have the space to do so. Creating habitat is the best thing we as individuals can do to support local pollinators in our area, and by joining BFG, folks can get connected with other gardeners who are passionate about supporting biodiversity in their own backyards.

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Join BFG today to connect with a network of gardeners all across North America and beyond. But don't stop there! Register your Bee Friendly Garden to visualize the collective impact all of our gardens are having on the landscape. Let's paint the continent green!

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