2022 brought with it hope and change. As spring came and flowers began to bloom our programs blossomed with renewed energy. The ability to meet again in person, to share stories, and to plant seeds together revived our passion and energy. There is nothing better than being back in the field supporting pollinators, and there is no better time than now. Download our Annual Report to learn about the work we comleted this year as well as updates on new programs and resources.

Pollinators face ongoing challenges from climate change, habitat loss, pesticides, and pollutants. Thanks to you, this year we've been able to action -- creating habitat, supporting communities in their efforts to revive ecosystems, and education youth to grow into mindful stewards of the Earth. P2C is a registered charity dedicated to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems through conservation, education, and research. Your support helps us help pollinators. Thank you for another impactful year!