The Seed Sitters Club

Thanks to an ongoing partnership between the David Suzuki Foundation and Pollinator Partnership Canada, in October 2020 the first group of Seed Sitters through Project Swallowtail undertook an overwintering journey with native plant seeds in Toronto. Guided by the knowledge of expert native plant grower Peter Ewins, 40 participants grew over 2,000 plants that were planted all across Toronto during the spring and summer of 2021. Thousands more were planted over the next 3 years, and countless other plants will continue to "volunteer"!

This project is currently only active in the GTA. Please go to the Project Swallowtail website for up-to-date information.

Habitat Creation in 3 Steps

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Caring for your seeds.

Photo by Peter Ewins

Potting up your seedlings and organizing plants.

Photo by Diane Goodwillie

Potted plants creating habitat!

Photo by Peter Ewins

Click Here to Download Do It Yourself Seed Sitting Instructions!

Learn about native seed propagation from Peter Ewins in the video below