Spring Talks Series 2022

Anthony Ayers - Project Swallowtail Research Findings
Thursday, March 10th @ 7:00 pm EST
Did you know there is an active research project being undertaken within Project Swallowtail? We will hear from researcher Anthony Ayers of the Rehan Lab at York University about some of his findings on pollinators in Project Swallowtail gardens. CLICK HERE to register.

Dr. Kit Prendergast - Native pollinators and plants of Western Australia
Monday, March 28th @ 7:45 pm EST
The Horticultural Societies of Parkdale & Toronto and Project Swallowtail will co-host Dr. Kit Prendergast speaking on native pollinators and native plants of Western Australia (WA). The flowers of this regions are gorgeous! Dr. Prendergast did her Ph.D. work on this system, and has published on the effect of native vs. non-native plants in gardens on WA native pollinators. CLICK HERE to register.

Plants Coming to the Sale!
Thursday, April 7th @ 7:00 pm EST
We will once again be having a plant sale in 2022, and will be in touch with you with more details as we sort them. Here we will be talking about all the plants coming to the sale, their needs, and how you can best succeed with them! CLICK HERE to register.

Native Plants for Dry Shade
Thursday, May 5th @ 7:00 pm EST
Through our experiences in Project Swallowtail, many urban gardens have compacted and dry soil and shady conditions due to densification and landuse. We will talk about species that are best adapted for these conditions. CLICK HERE to register.

Balcony Gardening with Native Plants!
Thursday, June 9th @ 7:00 pm EST
Join botanist and native plant lover Ryan Godfrey in a discussion about habitat creation in one of the most underutilized spaces in cities - balconies! Learn about the best plants to use, and tour Ryan's own beautiful balcony. CLICK HERE to register.

Black Ambassador Training

Block Ambassadors are the heart of Project Swallowtail. People with the interest and passion to spread the joy of pollinator habitat creation are encouraged to become Block Ambassadors for the project. Through training and access to resources and community connections, we hope to empower YOU to empower others!

Email admin@projectswallowtail.ca if you are interested in becoming a Block Ambassador for your neighbourhood. We will be in touch via email for the Block Ambassador training 2022, taking place on April 21st, 2022.

Calendar of Events

Past events

  • February 2022 - in-person pick-up for Seed Sitters program
  • August 2021 - walking tours and biking tours of Project Swallowtail gardens
  • Fall webinar series kick-off, Seed Sitters 201 with Pete Ewins
  • May 12-June 16 2021 Special PSC training for Block Ambassadors! Wednesdays at 7:30pm.
  • Spring 2021 native plant sale, in partnership with St. Anne's and Sorauren Farmers Markets.
  • Fall 2020 online workshop series
  • September 16, 4pm-6pm: Parkdale People and Pollinators Peace Garden -
    plant giveaway in honour of Black Lives Matter with Parkdale Green Thumb
  • July-October 2020 - Bi-weekly Block Ambassador meeting, Tuesdays at 4pm