Project Swallowtail is now open to participants across Toronto!

At its heart, Project Swallowtail is a community that seeks to connect - whether it be connecting human neighbours to each other, or to plants, pollinators and other wildlife. We encourage residents of the City of Toronto to join.

You can even start your own neighbourhood Project Swallowtail hub by becoming a block ambassador and accessing support and resources from Project Swallowtail's new website!

The original project area (2020)

West Toronto (see map below) was initiailly chosen as our focus area because ecological connectivity is at the core of our strategy: High Park, the Lakeshore trails, the West Toronto Railpath and the many city parks within the boundaries are already significant habitat. By planting native plants in our gardens, we are helping connect these important habitat hot spots to each other.

Now that Project Swallowtail is open to all City of Toronto residents, the original footprint remains a special area of focus because of the important habitat areas found here. Our goal is to grow the connectivity between the habitats and people within this space and the rest of the city as our community grows.

Expansion hubs

Project Swallowtail is growing! We have expansion 'hubs' in the following locations in Toronto. If you are a resident in one of these areas; or, if you are interested in starting a hub in your neighbourhood, please contact Project Swallowtail:

- Etobicoke

- North Davisville: roughly Yonge St to Bayview, and Davisville north to Eglinton

- The Danforth 'Pocket': bordered by Jones to the West, Danforth to the North, Greenwood to the east, and Gerrard to the South.

Project area map
Original project area © Google Maps 2020